Louis Cottrell
His New Orleans Jazz Band
(Nobility 703)

As this album demonstrates, New Orleans Jazz has been perpetually evolving while always maintaining a noticeable continuity with its beginnings. This continuity is apparent almost as a heritability passed down among performers from father to son as well as from band to band so that New Orleans Jazz has preserved many of its early qualities while growing in a technological way musically.

Louis Cottrell, the featured musician on this recording, exemplifies this continuity as does Paul Barbarin who plays the drums on this album. Their fathers had been acclaimed New Orleans Jazz musicians with the New Orleans Onward Brass Band, a band which was reestablished after an absence of nearly 45 years and for which both of these sons played -- carrying on family and Jazz traditions.

The continuity between bands is also evident. Louis Cottrell, a popular musician in New Orleans for many years, here leads his own group which includes Paul Barbarin and Kid Howard among others, but Cottrell would at other times side for Paul Barbarin, Kid Howard, and others as well. Cottrell also played clarinet  for the reestablished New Orleans Onward Brass Band. He was also president of the musicianís union in New Orleans. But, he was also a composer in his own right, having created - among other pieces - the haunting You Donít Love Me which appears on this album.

Another original new composition that is part of this album is Ferryboat by Lester Santiago. This recording is the first performance of that new work.

The Music
1. When the Saints Go
       Marching In
2. You Donít Love Me
3. Letís Take a Ferryboat
       to New Orleans
   (First Performance)
4. Just a Closer Walk
       With Thee
5. Whoís Sorry Now?
6. Back Home Again
       in Indiana
7. Down by the
8. Clarinet Marmalade
9. Bogalusa Strut (Click to Listen)
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