A Night at Dixieland Hall
Vol. 1
with Albert "Papa" French
and His New Orleans Jazz Band
(Nobility 702A)

Papa Celestin was considered by many to be the most revered musician in New Orleans. As advancing age took its toll, Papa Celestin came to rely more and more upon his excellent banjo player, Albert French, and sent him on many occasions to lead the band in his own absence. Thus, shortly after the death of Papa Celestin and Eddie Pierson, the leadership of the band fell to Albert French, now called "Papa" French by Jazz fans all over the world as a token of endearment and in memory of the late Papa Celestin.

More than any other band, Papa French's group and its predecessors can take credit for the continuing tradition of New Orleans Dixieland Jazz. They were best known in their native environment at Dixieland Hall. They were the first band employed at Dixieland Hall, and their popularity increased with every appearance at that world-famous institution.    

The magnificent performance captured by this historical recording session had the audience continually longing to break out in applause and with cries of joy at the magnificent music they were hearing, especially with the many unexpected musical delights, such as the mention of “Pete, Pete, and Repeat” (the wonderful Dixieland Hall tap dancers ) in “St. James Infirmary”.

So wonderful was this performance, there had to be an encore, a sequel, and it, too, is available on A Night at Dixieland Hall, Volume 2.
The Music
1. Rampart Street Parade
2. Way Down Yonder in
       New Orleans
3. Marie Laveau
4. Shine (Click to Listen)
5. Darktown Strutters Ball
6. Mack the Knife
7. Alabama Jubilee
8. St. James Infirmary
9. Twelfth Street Rag
10. Savoy Blues
11. Bourbon Street
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