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Nobility 1001N
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In 1958, the living musicians who actually originally created Dixieland Jazz were getting old; the younger artists wanted to be identified with those masters, and an historic record needed to be made ... This is that historic recording!

Possibly the single most astonishing incarnation of a fictional character that there has ever been!
When an unrivaled wit, a good sense of humor, and a musical bent are not enough to make Trilby his, Svengali turns to a most unusual, almost supernatural ability.
Seeming to lack any civility whatsoever while electrifying everything around him with a barely controlled energy, Bendix’s character appears to be more beast than human. That is until he encounters Susan Hayward and all the world’s energy seems to dissipate for a literally breath-taking moment.
A good, classic old-fashioned childhood adventure which adults can also enjoy. An orphan is sent to live with some distant relatives. He befriends a stray dog, and when it is clear that his new family doesn't really want him around, the boy and dog set out on their own. Friendships ensue with a girl who gets kidnapped and with an elderly man whose family regards him as a burden. Luckily, Shep is there to save the day.
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Nobility 1002N
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